Mission Statement: "to provide the highest possible level of customer service and value through a team of enthusiastic employee owners with a strong work ethic joining together to benefit our customers, our company and our community."


Quality Meats

Our beef is the juiciest, most tender beef you’ll ever taste. We even trim each cut and this gives you an even better value for your money! We prepare our Ground Beef daily for the best possible quality and flavor. Serve your family the best!


Freshest Produce

Fresh, Quality and Variety! That’s what we provide you every day in our Produce. We only select the freshest, top quality fruits and vegetables for you and your family. Flavorful, crisp, and delicious. Healthy, wholesome, and nutritious.



Ours is not your average cookie-cutter grocery store bakery. Each bakery is filled with professionals willing to create anything your heart desires, even your grandmother's favorite pecan pie.

Turkey breast, ham & swiss and salami sandwiches


Our deli offers the best meats, cheeses and other goodies to satisfy your needs. Looking for a meat, cheese or produce tray for your next event? Ask one of our experts today - they can help you decide what you get and how much you will need.